Peter Massini

Peter Massini has spent the majority of his 20 year professional career as an ecologist and natural environment policy maker in the urban environment of London.

He started his career with the London Wildlife Trust as the organisation’s East London Conservation Manager during the late 1980’s, and from the mid-1990’s he worked for the London Ecology Unit, providing advice to London Boroughs on spatial planning issues, development control and site management.

He subsequently worked for Natural England where he had responsibility for the agency’s strategic planning and policy work for the London region. He helped formulate and instigate London’s green infrastructure framework – the All London Green Grid – and the policies that helped foster interest in green roofs and other forms of urban greening.

Peter currently works for the Greater London Authority on green infrastructure and urban greening, managing policy and programmes aimed at improving London’s green spaces and greening London’s built environment. He has a particular interest in understanding how to make the natural environment more relevant in London, by ensuring its many benefits are recognised as being an essential part of a liveable, resilient city.