Ferdinand Ludwig

Ferdinand Ludwig is co-founder and scientific coordinator of Research Group Baubotanik at the Institute for Architectural Theory (IGMA) at the University of Stuttgart. He studied architecture and graduated with his PhD thesis “Botanical basics of Baubotanik and their application to design practice” in 2012. He is a pioneering architect in the field of Baubotanik (“Living Plant Constructions”), and in the recent years has designed and realized highly-regarded projects that combine the growth processes of living plants with an engineering approach. Through his PhD-studies, which were honored in 2013 with the “prize for outstanding scientific achievements” by the University of Stuttgart, he developed multiple horticultural construction techniques and analyzed botanical rules of growth to deduce construction rules for living plant constructions. Ferdinand teaches at the University of Stuttgart in international Bachelors and Masters courses, leading workshops and giving lectures on the topic of living architecture worldwide. In 2010 he started the collaborative office ludwig.schönle with Daniel Schönle, focusing on design strategies to integrate Baubotanik concepts in architecture and urban planning.