Session Chair:
Prof. Dr. Manfred Köhler, World Green Infrastructure Network, Germany

Is Biodiversity sexy? Aesthetic evaluation and communication on biodiverse urban Green Infrastructure
Emilia Zemlak, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Extensive green roofs could be more functional! A multidisciplinary scan for economical upgrade
Yves Dehondt, Center of Expertise VIVES Agro- and Biotechnology, Belgium

Renaturalizing biotopes: transforming manicured extensive green roofs in subtropical climates fostering spontaneous vegetation
Caroline M Y Law, Faculty of Design & Environment, Technological & Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, China

Large scale urban Green Infrastructure and its historical development: a tale of two cities Vienna and Boston, contemporary paradigms and arguments for sustainable development
Prof Joanna Giecewicz, Warsaw Technical University, Poland

Remote sensing-based tool for Green Infrastructure monitoring in Warsaw
Maciej Wasilewski, University of Life Sciences Warsaw, Poland