Small Scale Urban Food Production: Oasis No. 8 uses waste heat and produces Cradle2City Bananas
Markus Jeschaunig, Artist, Architect, Agent in the Biosphere, Austria

The Typology of an Urban Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services approach for Helsinki
Mari Ariluoma, Aalto University, Finland

SUDS retrofit solutions and their benefits: a project in London focuses on creating multiple user benefits in an urban drainage park
Kevin Barton, Robert Bray Associates, United Kingdom

Integrated building vision: exploration of greened facades, greened rooms and greened roofs on a public school in Vienna
Prof. Dr. DI Azra Korjenic and David Tudiwer, University of Technology Vienna, Austria

Concepts for green roofs and walls: the right wall and roof for the right purpose, choosing the right material for the right climate, place and users
Zuzana Poorova, University of Technology Košice, Slovakia

Textiles for green infrastructure, an elegant synergy
Dr. Pieter Heyse, Textile Functionalisation and Surface Modification, Centexbel, Belgium

Polish Green Wall Development
Kinga Zinowiec-Cieplik, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Ecology in focus: Geneva and its green roofs, a sustainable refuge for native and threatened plant species
Marianne Hédont, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland

Retrofitting large sized industrial lightweight roofs into urban farming production sites
Florian Demling, Bavarian State Research Center for Viticulture and Horticulture, Germany

The potential for infrared thermography on the evaluation of green roof surfaces
Cristina M. Monteiro, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal

Creating nature based solutions for southern Europe: how to host annual Mediterranean dry grassland on green roofs
Chiara Catalano, Palermo University, Italy and Zurich University of Applied Science, Switzerland

Native green roofs for stormwater management in southern Europe
Carolina Brandão, University of Lisbon, Portugal

How to successfully combine biodiversity and wellbeing through Green Infrastructure: a map for Gloucester
Jaqueline Jobes, Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Monitoring green roof related ecosystem services in Geneva: from theory to practice
Prof Dr Sophie Rochefort, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland

Successful case studies from New York City: project creation through innovation, PPP and social orientated approaches
Ana Maria Jones, HAW Hamburg, Germany

Links between CCA, UHI and reduced energy demand via Green Infrastructure
Teresa Zölch, Julia Brasche, Technical University Munich, Germany

Spatial strategies and Green Infrastructure at city level: a case study from Vienna, focussing on compromises and synergies, quality and enhanced functionality
Antonija Bogadi, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Ecosystem services come to lower Austria: an integrated pilot project creates framework, communication and implementation
Dr Christine Rottenbacher, Ingenieurbüro für Landschaftsarchitektur, Geras, Austria

“PV-Roofgarden” a new concept for combined triple use of roof space: Energy Production, Vegetation, Users.
Irene Zluwa, Institut f. Ingenieurbiologie BOKU Wien, Austria