Participation 2.0 Project: Barriers and drivers for urban gardening in Vienna
Dr. Bente Knoll, Consultancy for Sustainable Competence, University of Technology Vienna, Austria

Inner city estate management for people and Green Infrastructure
John Little, Manager Clapton Park Estate London and Director, Grass Roof Company & Green Roof Shelters United Kingdom

Climate proofing of social housing estates in London using urban Green Infrastructure
Mark Bentley, Groundwork London, United Kingdom

Green Ribbon as a vision, a strategy and a project: Creating a green identity for Ostend
Mark Wilschut, Designer, Landscape Architect, Smart & Sustainable Infrastructure, Technum Ghent, Belgium

Eco sustainability: a holistic structure, showing ample opportunities to achieve sustainable human development
Prof. Dr. Tony Pereira, UCLA Los Angeles USA and Visiting Professor, Institute of Engineering, University of Palermo, with Chiara Catalano, University of Palermo, Italy

Retrofitting neighbourhood housing from the 1950s and 1960s with Green Infrastructure for green and liveable cities
Dr. Stefan Becsei, Landscape Designer & Urban Planner, b-a-e-r Environmental Research Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Restoration for economic benefits – an illusion? Learning from a habitat restoration project in East Hungary and its potential for the urban environment
PĂ©ter DĂ©zsenyi, Managing Director, Deep Forest and Vegdesign, Hungary