Celebrating nature based solutions

Common knowledge base by building networks with committed members and creating a community of good practice.

The conference setting is based on interactive methodology. The participants are brought together for the exchange to develop intelligent and innovative solutions for complex problems. Investors, cities and industry players are networked to provide each other the upcoming challenges of the future.

Check-in / check-out
Every meeting or day of a conference shall be started and finished “properly”, which means it is important to let all stakeholders arrive and be here fully and to open up and after the meeting / the day allow the participants to leave with a good feeling, where there is no rush and issues have been finalized or closed for the day.

World Cafe
World Café got its name because it imitates a café setting where small groups (4 or 5 people) are all conversing together around tables. In this case, a cluster of small groups are in conversation about an issue that matters to them or some work they are trying to do together. It is an ideal way to find out what a community is thinking and feeling about a topic. After the first conversation, someone stays at the table as ‘host’, while the others move to a new table, taking their previous conversations with them. In this way, the threads of the various conversations are woven together and all of us get a sense of what is being discovered and developed between us.

Working groups
The Working groups offer a space for insights into different topics related to Green Infrastructure and for sharing key learnings and challenges.  Our submitted projects will be the Input Source of one of these working groups. The results of each working group will harvested and put on a flipchart, which will form part of an exhibition at the end of the day, the “Green Infrastructure Graffiti Wall”.  By walking by this market place, getting into conversations and interviews. the whole consortium will profit.